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4 Factors for Successful Recruiting in Germany

Updated: Feb 26

Kickstart Your Success in the German Market with These Recruiting Hacks

The German labor market is known to be highly competitive and requires a targeted approach to recruiting personnel.

But with its robust econom, Germany also offers an ideal market to expand international business. So the effort is worth it! But in order to have a successful start on the German labor market as an employer, there are a few factors to take into account!

1. Gain insights into the German culture

It is important to understand the expectations of German employees, which differ from those of other markets - and past times - can distinguish.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the German job market by looking at the job View the landscape, evaluate salary levels, and consider other specific details that may impact your hiring process. In this way, you can ensure that your assumptions also match the expectations of German employees.

In recent years, for example, there has been a shift towards more flexible working arrangements in the German labor market. More emphasis is also being placed on employee development and training as companies realize how important it is to invest in their employees.

You should therefore take current developments into account if you want to successfully enter the market!

Not only can we help you with recruitment, we can also provide you with renowned experts every step of the way recommend along the way - from the initial market exploration to service providers for your questions about taxes, law and payroll.

2. Overcome language barriers

Be aware of the language barrier. Although the English language is widely spoken in Germany, a knowledge of German is often still an advantage for candidates. German employers often prefer applicants who also speak German. If you are more flexible here and, for example, get along with purely English-speaking candidates, you can improve your chances of being hired.

Depending on the position, it may of course be mandatory for an applicant to speak German. In this case, you should be aware that an initial approach in German is preferred by applicants and increases your chances of being contacted.

That's why we check and decide very carefully how we can optimally address potential candidates.


3. Comply with regulations and laws

In addition to GDPR, there are a number of regulations and laws that influence your recruiting process. In Germany there are strict laws protecting employee rights and employers are obliged to comply with these rules.

Make sure you are aware of applicable laws before you start looking for employees . Especially when it comes to payroll, contracts, company car agreements, working hours and social security, many questions can arise during the recruitment process, which we would be happy to advise you on.

4. Consider targeted advertising

Finally, it is important to know how best to advertise your vacancies so that no wasting resources. There are many ways to advertise vacancies in Germany, for example in job boards, newspapers and social media.

Knowing and using the best methods to reach potential candidates will ensure the success of the Significantly influence recruiting activities.

Putting ads is rarely enough, but can be a valuable piece of the puzzle when it is is carefully planned and monitored - and the advertisements are worded in an engaging and inspiring way.

If this is successful, ads become part of the employer branding and the circle closes into a harmonious orchestra sensible measures.

In summary it can be said that entering the German market in terms of finding employees involves some There are challenges that should be carefully considered.

But the German market is definitely worth it - and of course Germany itself too. 😉

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Raise the potential of the German job market - and let's drive your success together!

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