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Three key points to consider as an international company when establishing your team in Germany.

It may sound temptingly simple to scale your existing team across the border using the cookie-cutter model, but we cannot recommend doing so. The markets and expectations in the German (and any other) labor market are too different, meaning that an individual and thoughtful approach will save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run.

There are many things to consider when you want to establish your team in Germany. Here are three key points we'd like to share with you today:

16 States – 16 Worlds

Germany is more extensive than many of its neighbors. This not only affects how you should segment the market but also your staffing needs. A single sales employee for all of Germany? They would need to be very familiar with all regional peculiarities to find access to potential customers. Each region operates differently and requires a coordinated approach.

German Highways are Long

A meeting in Munich and then quickly off to Hamburg? Unfortunately, that's unrealistic. Distances are long, and a company car is standard in many positions. With a rail pass, perhaps even first class, employees can still work while traveling and make use of the travel time – at least in theory, if the train runs. However you look at it: unless your employees are exclusively working from home, distances can play a significant role.

establish team in germany

The Job Market is a Carnival

With around 2 million open positions, the job market is, to put it mildly, tight. Candidates are courted like stars on the red carpet, sometimes receiving 5 or more inquiries per day on the hidden job market!

Flexibility is your friend here. While it's certainly wise to define a specific target profile for a position to be filled, you can gain a real competitive edge by also being open to suitable talents that come your way during the recruiting process. This saves not only time but also money and stress.

Preparation is Half the Battle

You've found the ideal candidate, but still need a German employment contract. And the payroll solution. And what about the company car? If you start worrying about these details only now, you risk other employers getting ahead of you and presenting your candidate with a ready-made package tied with a red ribbon. You might be lucky enough to already have their loyalty, but who likes to rely on luck in business?

Our tip: Start addressing these topics at the beginning of the recruiting process, then nothing can go wrong at the finish line!


The right strategy, coupled with flexibility and realistic planning, can be your key to successful team building in Germany.

Ready for the next step?

We'll guide you through the complexities of the German job market to find and win the best talents for your company, supporting you at every step with expertise and a precise network.

Schedule an appointment now and lay the foundation for your success in Germany. Let's get started together!

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