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Tailor-made Solutions for Your Recruiting Infrastructure

Discover how you can optimize your recruiting processes internally and make them efficient – with the most modern applicant management systems.

We create your career page that appeals to your ideal candidates - the WOW effect ensured!


Spectral Engines - part of Nynomic AG

Development of the Employer Brand

Through a large number of structured interviews with employees and managers of the company, we worked out the core messages of the employer value proposition - the basis of every employer brand and subsequently incorporated them into the implementation of the website and job profiles.

Creation of the Career Page

Using the modular system of the chosen applicant management software and taking into account the company's internal CI guidelines, we designed and implemented a modern and attractive career site for Spectral Engines. The tone of voice of all content reflects the DNA of the company. 

Training & Support

Any system is only as good as how it is used. The training of administrators and key users is therefore an important part of our consulting - because our goal is to enable our customers to be able to control their processes independently. Of course, we will continue to stay on the ball after go-live and answer all open questions.

Recruiting Process Flow

Internal recruiting processes were defined together with management and set up in the system. In this context, we adapted the language of all communication templates to the company style and configured the automatic actions accordingly.

Are you ready for more efficient recruiting?

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