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How it all began

Not in the garage and also not in the attic, but all begann in the co-working "Gewächshaus" in Düsseldorf.



Cathrin and Laura met in the Düsseldorf co-working “Gegewächshaus” - they immediately liked each other, but at first not much more happened than exchanging contact details.

A few years earlier, Laura had moved back to Germany from the Netherlands. During this time, she thought about the different working environments of the two countries... and wrote "bridging neighbours" in her notebook as a working title for a possible business idea.


As a further development of their successful cooperation, the foundation of BRIDGING NEIGHBOURS GmbH is planned -  cross-border recruitment, and not just for the two neighbouring countries Germany and the Netherlands. The first project was an international employer branding project with Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. After all, we have a few more neighbours :).


In the company's 5th year, it's time for a new branding. BRIDGING NEIGHBOURS becomes bridging_n.


With fresh drive and lean structures, we look forward to even more exciting and innovative companies that want to grow in Germany! 



Laura and Cathrin were both self-employed by then and started a joint cooperation in the area of HR and recruitment services. They quickly notice that their experiences and values complement each other very well. 

BRIDGING NEIGBOURS becomes part of the global Talentor International network and thereby increases its impact with over 40 partners at its side, many joint cross-border projects and a lot of knowledge exchange with like-minded people. 


At Home in Düsseldorf -
Connected with the World!

Our office is in Düsseldorf, a city that stands for its liveliness and internationality.

As part of the Talentor network, our sphere of influence extends far beyond national borders and connects us to a global network of experts and companies.

Our mission is clear: We connect innovative, internationally active companies from a wide range of industries with entrepreneurial managers and experts. We focus on commercial roles.

For us, personality, professionalism and discretion are our focus. We know that true success stories are based on a combination of technical expertise and human connection.


Our team specializes in bringing together companies and people who not only fit together but also want to be successful together in Germany.

Our deep roots in the local culture enable us to have a comprehensive understanding of the German corporate landscape. At the same time, our global perspective ensures that we always have our finger on the pulse of international trends and developments.

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Stay in Touch

+49 211 16346661

Erkrather Straße 401

40231 Düsseldorf

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