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Welcome to our Talent Pool

Our focus is on recruiting skilled professionals and executives for internationally-oriented companies that want to establish or expand their teams in Germany.

Often, these companies come from other European countries and seek our help to find the right employees in Germany to advance their business.

This typically requires entrepreneurial thinking and action. So, if you are interested in creative tasks and want to be part of a dynamic, future-oriented company, you are definitely in the right place with us!

While we cannot promise that we will immediately have the right position for you, we can assure you that we will reach out as soon as an opportunity arises!

What our Candidates say


"bridging_n contacted me for an exciting position in a newly founded German unit. The collaboration was characterized by an open and trusting exchange. The competent and professional support in the onboarding process proved to be extremely helpful, which ensured a smooth entry into the company new position made possible."

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